Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 5th July, 2023 10.00 am, Corporate & Performance Scrutiny Committee

Venue:   as a Hybrid Meeting virtually via MS Teams or in the Sir William Firth Room at the General Offices, Ebbw Vale

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Joanna Wilkins Chair Present
Councillor Jacqueline Thomas Vice-Chair Present
Councillor Carl Bainton Committee Member Apologies
Councillor John Hill Committee Member Present
Councillor Julie Holt Committee Member Present
Councillor Ellen Jones Committee Member Present
Councillor Ross Leadbeater Committee Member Present
Councillor Chris Smith Committee Member Present
Councillor Tommy Smith Committee Member Present
Damien McCann Officer Present
Lynn Phillips Officer Expected
Rhian Hayden Officer Present
Bernadette Elias Officer Expected
Sarah King Officer Present
Clive Rogers Officer Expected
Ellie Fry Officer Present
Andrea Jones Officer Expected
Tanya Evans Officer Expected
Andrea Prosser Officer Expected
Leanne Roberts Officer Expected
Lee Williams Officer Expected
Gemma Wasley Officer Present
Steve Berry Officer Expected
Louise Rosser Officer Expected
Liz Thomas Advisor Expected
Louise Bishop Officer Expected
Sean Scannell Officer Expected
Michelle Hicks Secretary Expected