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Statutory Licensing Sub-Committee
Friday, 22nd September, 2017 2.00 pm

Date: Friday 22nd September 2017 Time: 2.00 p.m. Place: Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Ebbw Vale

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COUNCILLOR - W. Hodgins (Chair)
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The Chair welcomed the Applicants, Members and Officers to the meeting, which had been convened in order to discuss an Application for a New Premises License.

The purpose of the meeting was to inform the Committee of an Application for a New Premises Licence received in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003 in respect of 21 Park Place, Tredegar.

At the invitation of the Chair, the Team Leader - Licensing read to the report.

The Chair invited the Applicant to address the Committee and speak on the application. The Applicant referred to his Agent who spoke to the Committee and provided information on the background of the Applicant's current businesses. He stated that following discussions the Applicant had agreed to make an amendment to the times of closing and reduce this to 12.00 midnight, therefore the opening hours would be 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 midnight 7 days a week. He informed Members that the Applicant had very good experience with licensed premises as his family were also involved in the food business. It was noted that the Applicant had not had any previous issues the Police.

The Chair asked if the Objectors would like to comment.

An Objector expressed concern with regard to the premises being in a residential area where other organisations operated, and he was still of the opinion that if the closing hours were 12.00 a.m., this would contribute to the noise levels going into the early hours. He therefore felt that the premises should close at 11.00 p.m. with the effects of any noise being resolved by 12.00 a.m.

Another Objector felt that 12.00 midnight was reasonable and thanked the Applicant for this offer.

The Applicant, Agent, Officers and Objectors withdrew from the meeting at this juncture.

The Committee discussed the application and a decision was unanimously reached.

The Applicant was invited back into the Meeting.

The Chair asked the Solicitor to read out the decision of the Licensing Sub-Committee to the applicant and his Agent.

The Solicitor addressed the Applicant and stated that the Sub-Committee considered the Application for a new premises licence received in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003 in respect of 21 Park Place, Tredegar, and in doing so, the Members were made aware that they must have regard to the representations made; the evidence heard and take one of the following:

1. To grant the application
2. To reject the whole or part of the application
3. To grant the application with modifications to the conditions

In considering the application the Sub-Committee must also take into account the provisions in the Licensing Act 2003 in particular the Licensing Objectives which are:

- The prevention of crime and disorder
- Public Safety
- The prevention of public nuisance
- The protection of children from harm

Members carefully listened to representation made to them by the interested parties and were satisfied that the adoption of the conditions would not lead to a contravention of the Licensing Objectives and grant the license in accordance with the amended hours requested at the meeting. The premises will open at 11.00 a.m. and close at Midnight on Monday to Sunday. The Applicant was reminded by the Sub-Committee that if the License Objectives were breached, his license would be called in for review.

RESOLVED, that the Application for a New Premises Licence be GRANTED and the applicant's acceptance that the license will allow opening times from 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 Midnight on Monday to Sunday.