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Statutory Licensing Sub-Committee
Tuesday, 28th March, 2017 2.00 pm

Date: Tuesday 28th March 2017 Time: 2.00 p.m. Place: Council chamber, Civic Centre

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The Chair welcomed the Applicant, Members and Officers to the meeting, which had been convened in order to discuss the New Premises Licence of the 1st Floor, 7 The Circle, Tredegar.

The purpose of the meeting was to inform the Committee of an application for a New Premises Licence issued in accordance with the Licensing Act 2013.

At the invitation of the Chair, the Team Leader - Licensing spoke to the report and noted that objection/support letters that had been received outside of the deadline and would not be considered.

The Chair invited the Objector, Councillor B. Willis, to address the Committee.

Councillor Willis drew Members' attention to an amendment of the dates on pages 8 and 10 of Appendix 1.

He pointed out that application related to the 1st Floor of 7 The Circle, Tredegar, and expressed concern on the grounds of health and safety that the fire escape led to a yard with lockable gates. He also expressed concern regarding the possibility of clientele using this area as a smoking area and causing a noise nuisance.

He said if the application was granted, there would be 7 drinking establishments within 40 yards of each other, and this could have a detrimental impact on tourism.

The Chair invited Mr. Perry the Solicitor acting for the Applicant to address the Committee.

Mr. Perry stated that he and his Client, Mrs. Powell, understood that there was general concern from Members but assured them that his Client did not want to see the area deteriorate and she had therefore applied for a Heritage Grant to restore the facility. He stated that his client had gone 'above and beyond' in order to comply with the issues raised by the Council's Environmental Health Department, which had had been accepted by his client had now been addressed.

Councillor Willis was content that all areas had been covered but sought clarification on the late night refreshments. Mr. Perry responded that this was primarily a fine dining restaurant with a bar, to which no objections had been received from the adjoining premises.

A Member raised concern in relation to the fire escape and holding area which was approximately 40 square metres. It was noted that in the event of an emergency a key would be housed in a Fire Box to allow easy exit of patrons.

The Chair said the main concerns were to ensure that legislation was met and the guidelines were followed. He accepted that the application had been amended and asked if the Applicant was satisfied that these could be delivered. Mr. Perry assured the Committee that his Client was confident that all amendments made to the application would be adhered to.

Mr. Perry concluded that he was happy that the Licensing Objectives had been met; all other issues had been complied with and that the Police and Fire Authority had no concerns in relation to public safety. He therefore requested the Committee grant the Application.

The Applicant and Officers withdrew from the meeting at this juncture in order for the Sub-Committee to deliberate in private.

The Committee discussed the application and a decision was unanimously reached.

The Applicant was invited back into the Meeting, and the Chair asked the Solicitor to read out the reasons for the decision of the Statutory Licensing Sub-Committee as follows:-

The application before the Statutory Licensing Sub-Committee was made by way of a New Premises Licence at the 1st Floor, 7 The Circle, Tredegar.

When considering the application, Members were aware that they should have regard to all representations made to them today and to take one of the following actions:

1. To grant the application
2. To reject the whole or part of the application
3. To grant the application with modifications to the conditions

Members were made aware that copies of the application were sent to the specified Authorities, with Gwent Police making representations. Conditions were agreed with the Licence-holder and Gwent Police had decided to withdraw their representations.

In considering the application, the Sub-Committee was aware that they must take into account the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003, in particular the licencing objectives which are:

1. Prevention of Crime and Disorder
2. Public Safety
3. The Prevention of Public Nuisance
4. The Protection of children from harm

And also consider the guidance issued by the Home Office under Section 182 of the Act, and the Council's Licensing Policy.

In reaching a decision, Members considered written evidence of the other persons, and carefully considered comments received, and it was:

RESOLVED that the Application for a New Premises Licence be GRANTED.