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Statutory Licensing Sub-Committee
Wednesday, 30th March, 2016 2.00 pm

Date: Wednesday 30th March 2016 Time: 2.00 p.m. Place: Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Ebbw Vale

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Councillors M. Bartlett , W. J. Williams, M.B.E., J.P., B. Willis
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The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting, and introductions were made.

The Team Leader Licensing presented the report and confirmed that the application before the Licensing Sub-Committee was for a Variation of Premises Licence at Berry's Bar, Mitre Street, Abertillery, and was currently operated as a Public House and Restaurant.

The Applicants have submitted an application for variation of the licence to install bar facilities at the restaurant on the upper floor of the premises.

Representations have been received from two interested parties who live close to the premises. They said if the variation was granted it could result in the undermining of the prevention of public nuisance, due to extra noise being generated at the premises.

The interested parties felt that if Members were to grant the application for variation of the licence that it would be likely to contribute to an extension of public nuisance in the immediate vicinity of the premises due to increased noise levels being an annoyance to the people who live in the immediate community surrounding Berry's Bar.

Members considered the representations received, however, they referred to the fact that the Applicant had consented to the following conditions:-

i. "That the Licensee shall ensure that no noise, odour or light shall emanate from the Licenced premises or vibration be transmitted through the structure of the Licensed premises which gives rise to a nuisance to the occupiers of premises in the vicinity of the licenced premises.

ii. At times when regulated entertainment is provided and / or provision for entertainment is provided and / or provision for entertainment facilities is made within the Licensed premises all external openings to the Licensed premises must be kept closed save for the purposes of entering the premises.

iii. No form of loudspeaker or sound amplification equipment shall be sighted in or near any foyer, doorway, window or any external opening of the licensed premises.

iv. Clearly legible notices shall be displayed at all exists from the premises requesting public, and staff to respect the needs of local residents and to leave the premises and area quietly".

As a result of the amendments being proposed by Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council's Environmental Health Department, and agreed by the Applicant, the Council's Environmental Health Department decided to withdraw their representations.

Members were satisfied that adoption of the following conditions by the Applicant would not lead to a contravention of the Licencing objective, being the prevention of public nuisance. Members therefore granted the application, subject to the adoption of the conditions being incorporated into the Licence.

RESOLVED to recommend that the application be GRANTED.