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The Strategic Business Case - Development of a Second Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) at Roseheyworth South Business Park

To consider the report of the Head of Community Services.


The report of the Head of Community Services was submitted for consideration.


The Service Manager – Neighbourhood Services spoke to the report and outlined the main points contained therein. The Service Manager noted the support provided by WRAP to develop the Strategic Business Case which formed part of the bid to Welsh Government. The Council’s Leadership had met with the Deputy Minister in July to outline the business case and confirm the Council’s commitment to meet the 64% and 70% recycling targets.


It had now been confirmed by Welsh Government that the Council had been successful in obtaining the full award of capital funding for £2.8m and noted the estimated costs of the new HWRC which included the installation of traffic lights on A467 which was welcomed by Members due to the number of accidents on the junction to Roseheyworth Business Park.


The Service Manager referred to the options and advised that the Scrutiny Committee raised concerns around the continued fly tipping incidents if there was a reduction in the number of days the facility would be open. Therefore a recommendation had been agreed for a report to be presented to the January meeting to give consideration to the revenue costs of the facility being open 5, 6 and 7 days a week.


The Corporate Director Regeneration and Community Services advised that in order to increase future recycling streams as we move beyond the 70% target, a wider range of services could be offered at the second Household Waste and Recycling Centre in the future and the proposed facility would allow provide the Council with future capacity to deal with these new opportunities and these would be brought forward at the appropriate time. The Service Manager added that there had been discussions around a re-use facility for bric-a-brac and small furniture as the Council does not perform well at the moment in this area. There were a number of opportunities to be explored as the site grew including an education centre and interest had been received from the Hospice of the Valleys to work together in this area.


The Chair of the Community Services Scrutiny Committee advised that the report had been welcomed by Scrutiny and noted that concerns had been raised in relation to the revenue costs on the opening hours therefore it was requested a report be presented to the next Scrutiny Committee for consideration as a matter of urgency.


The Deputy Leader felt that the second HWRC would address the flytipping issues in the Ebbw Fach area and address Welsh Government targets. The Deputy Leader extended thanks to WRAP for their support and to Welsh Government for awarding the grant to develop the facility.


The Executive Members supported the development of the second HWRC which was the vision for the Borough and concurred that it would tackle the issues of flytipping in the Ebbw Fach Valley. The new site would also assist in the Authority meeting Welsh Government targets.


The Leader welcomed the full award of the grant from Welsh Government which reflected the confidence Welsh Government had in Blaenau Gwent in relation to waste and recycling. The Leader felt that recent meetings with the Minister had been very positive and it had been pleasing to be recognised for the work which had been undertaken. 


The Leader also wished to thank the Service Manager – Neighbourhood Services for the excellent presentation given to the Deputy Minister and her advisors and the Leader was sure the Managing Director would concur that it was an excellent presentation.


RESOLVED that the report be accepted and Option 1 be endorsed, namely the Strategic Business Case for the development of a second Household Waste Recycling Centre be approved.


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