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Waste Management and Recycling Strategy 2018-25

To consider the report of the Service Manager, Neighbourhood Services


Consideration was given to the report of the Service Manager, Neighbourhood Services.


The Head of Community Services spoke to the report which provided the Executive with the draft Waste Management and Recycling Strategy. The Officer advised that the Strategy had been developed in two parts with the Strategy outlined the vision, context, objectives and methods of delivery and the Action Plan detailed the actions and timelines which reflected the objectives and delivery requirements.


The Head of Community Services advised that the Strategy set out the long term vision for waste management and recycling services. The Strategy went beyond meeting Welsh Government targets it identified a single integrated strategy which set out how Blaenau Gwent would achieve its vision, work with others, engage with residents and place the Well-Being and Future Generation goals and ways of working at the heart of all that it does. The vision for waste and recycling was further outlined as noted in the report.


The Head of Community Services advised that the Scrutiny Committee supported the draft policy with the recommendation that any future service changes return to the Scrutiny Committee for consideration prior to implementation.


The Head of Community Services noted the financial implications and the potential impact on both revenue and capital funding requirements associated with the development and implementation of the strategy. The Officer advised that these related matters would be brought forward in determining service changes moving forward.


At this juncture the Leader invited the Chair of the Community Services Scrutiny to provide the observations of the Scrutiny Committee. The Chair advised that the draft strategy had been considered by the Scrutiny Committee and reiterated the recommendation made in terms of any future service changes be considered by the Scrutiny Committee prior to implementation.


The Chair of the Community Services Committee also advised that there had been a request for officers to investigate ways in which pet waste could be collected.


The Leader advised that he sat in the public gallery of the Scrutiny Committee and it had been a very good meeting and had been Chaired well by Councillor Wilkins who had kept Members on track really well. The Leader noted the issues raised in relation to pet waste and advised that this was an issue reflected at Streetscene Engagement Sessions. It was noted the Council run a successful hygiene collection therefore the same process could be explored  for pet waste.


The Deputy Leader/Executive Member for Environment supported the Policy which would help tackle recycling rates to avoid the Authority paying fines incurred. The Deputy Leader felt that the monies used for any potential fines are better spent on other services.


The Deputy Leader further concurred with the suggestion to investigate pet waste collections which he felt was not an impossible task as a similar collection to hygiene waste could be introduced.


The Executive Members concurred with the investigations to address pet waste and it was thereupon agreed that it be added to the recommendation that a report be drafted for consideration by the Scrutiny Committee and Executive accordingly. The Leader added that there would be a cost implication, however in this instance it would be a cost worth being considered.


RESOLVED accordingly.


FURTHER RESOLVED, subject to the foregoing that the report be accepted and Option 1 be endorsed, namely that the draft Waste Management and Recycling Strategy be approved. Also, a report be drafted in to develop a pet waste collection service and it be presented to the Community Services Scrutiny Committee and Executive Committee for consideration.



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