Agenda and minutes

Executive Committee
Monday, 21st September, 2020 1.00 pm

Venue: Virtually Via Microsoft Teams - if you would like to attend this meeting live via Microsoft Teams please contact

Contact: Democratic Services  6011


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Simultaneous Translation

You are welcome to use Welsh at the meeting, a minimum notice period of 3 working days is required should you wish to do so.  A simultaneous translation will be provided if requested.


It was noted that no requests had been received for the simultaneous translation service.




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Apologies for absence were received from:-


Managing Director; and

Chief Officer Commercial



Declarations of Interest and Dispensations

To receive.


No declarations of interest or dispensations were reported.



Exempt Item(s)

To receive and consider the following report(s) which in the opinion of the proper officer is/are an exempt item(s) taking into account consideration of the public interest test and that the press and public should be excluded from the meeting (the reason for the decision for the exemption is available on a schedule maintained by the proper officer).


Decision Items - Environment Matters


Regional Wood Waste Recycling Facility

To consider the report of the Corporate Director Regeneration and Community Services.


Having regard to the views expressed by the Proper Officer regarding the public interest test, that on balance the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighed the public interest in disclosing the information and that the report should be exempt.


RESOLVED that the public be excluded whilst this item of business is transacted as it is likely there would be a disclosure of exempt information as defined in Paragraph 14, Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act, 1972 (as amended).


The Corporate Director Regeneration and Community Services advised that the report provided an update on the development of an Outline Business Case for a Public Sector owned and operated Regional Wood Recycling Facility which would be led and located in Blaenau Gwent. The Business Case identified a viable opportunity for the public sector to set up and operate its own waste wood recycling facility in South East Wales which would realise significant cost savings, economic and environmental benefits for the public sector.


The Corporate Director added that the report had been welcomed by Scrutiny and the preferred option had gained unanimous approval for recommendation.



The Executive Member added that this was the initial stage of the Business Case and further work would be undertaken as the project proceeded. The Executive Member welcomed the support from Welsh Government which would benefit recycling targets and the local economy.


The Leader concurred with the comments raised and felt that the request made for Blaenau Gwent to host a regional facility showed the level of confidence Welsh Government had built up in the Authority with regard to waste and recycling over the last 3½ years.


RESOLVED, subject to the foregoing, that the report which contained information relating to the financial/business affairs of persons other than the Authority be accepted and Option 1 be approved as contained in the report.