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Public Services Board Scrutiny Committee
Thursday, 11th January, 2018 2.00 pm

Date: Thursday 11th January 2018 Time: 2.00 p.m. Place: Executive Room, Civic Centre, Ebbw Vale

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It was noted that no requests had been received for the simultaneous translation service.


Apologies for absence were received from:-

Councillors J. Collins, G. Paulsen, T. Sharrem, J. Wilkins, B. Willis, and;

Joe Logan, Chief Executive Tai Calon (PSB Board Member).


There were no declarations of interest or dispensations reported.

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Consideration was given to the Minutes of the Public Services Board Scrutiny Committee meeting held on 25th September, 2017.

RESOLVED that the Minutes be accepted as a true record of proceedings.

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Consideration was given to the Action Sheet of the Public Services Board Scrutiny Committee held on the 25th September, 2017, whereupon:-

Public Services Board's Notes

The Head of Policy & Performance clarified that at the last Public Services Board Scrutiny Committee meeting Members had requested that the Public Services Boards Notes be included in the Information Pack for Members information.

RESOLVED, subject to the foregoing, that the Action Sheet be noted.

Report (132K/bytes)

Consideration was given to the report of the Head of Policy & Performance which was presented to provide Members with the draft Well-being Plan for Blaenau Gwent.

The Head of Policy & Performance spoke to the report and highlighted the main points contained therein. The two main elements of the local well-being plan were:

- The local objectives; and
- The steps the PSB propose to take to meet those objectives.

A Members Briefing Session was held on the 5th December, 2017 which provided Members with an overview of the well-being plan, information on the formal consultation process and gave Members the opportunity to comment on the process undertaken to develop the draft plan.

In response to a Member's question regarding participation of the Town & Community Councils, the Head of Policy & Performance said that their role was important and links were being established with Town & Community Councils which would be useful moving forward to the delivery phase of the well-being plan. A Member commented on the knowledge gained from the Briefing Session for Members held recently with the Health Board was useful. The Member suggested all Members would benefit from a similar briefing session from other partners e.g. Police.

The Managing Director commented that it was essential to continue to build on development working with the Town & Community Councils to tackle public services challenges and consider new and alternative service delivery. Collaborative working was key to achieve this to maximise opportunities and focus on outcomes for local people.

In relation to joint working with the Police, Fire Service and the Ambulance Service, the representative from South Wales Fire & Rescue informed Members that plans were well underway for the station at Monmouthshire to become a tri-station which included all three emergency services, following on from a successful project held in Blaenau Gwent. Plans were also underway for a tri-station to be based at Abergavenny and a number of collaborations were in place across Cardiff and Caerphilly. Furthermore, the Fire Service Control Centre had merged with Police Control in Bridgend which had reduced costs significantly. Work on similar issues would assist with operational working.

A Member raised concerns in relation to the cessation of Communities First funding. The Managing Director commented that the Legacy Fund initiative would support some existing projects but limited resources would have an impact on communities. There was a risk that not all services would be funded and priorities would have to be established. Some priority services would also need to align with the Police and Fire Services.

The representative from Public Health Wales commented that in order to maximise the potential of the Legacy Fund, plans and proposals would need to be presented to the Public Services Board to consider the most effective use of the limited resources and continue the work shown to be effective.

The Head of Policy & Performance said that as part of the Governance Arrangements a panel had been established to discuss Legacy Funding, which contained a number of PSB partner organisation representatives.

A Member raised concerns in relation to delivery of the 100m Tech Valley Initiative. The Managing Director said that round table discussions would need to take place across all partnerships to align priorities and would encourage engagement with the Welsh Government on where that money would be spent.

With regard to a Member's concern in relation to the skills gap and aspirations for young people, the Managing Director commented that the Tech Valley Initiative was a big investment, particularly the TVR development, and it was important to work with PSB partner organisations to bring these proposals together to maximise opportunities. A key focus would be on skills development and therefore it was necessary to establish appropriate links with the right partners.

In response to a Member's question regarding transport links, the Managing Director agreed that this was an important issue and was being considered as part of the Cardiff Capital Region City Deal to establish improved transport links which aligned with other Local Authorities to help with the movement of people for access to work and services. The PSB Scrutiny Committee would have the opportunity to consider issues such as this when the well-being plan had been agreed as part of their future work programme.

A Member referred to the new hospital due to be built in Cwmbran. The representative of Public Health Wales assured Members that as a collective body any significant developments affecting Blaenau Gwent would be communicated to the Scrutiny Committee on a regional basis.

RESOLVED to recommend that the report be accepted and Option 2 be endorsed; namely that the PSB Scrutiny Committee:

- endorses the comments set out in Section 2 of the report; and
- recommend the comments to the PSB for consideration as their response as a statutory consultee.